Mom of three, feeding my hungry family of five every day, three meals a day, plus snacks.

This blog is meant to be a tool for other moms who may be experiencing that dread we all feel sometimes when we consider how much prep a mean might take.

How many ingredients is this meal going to have? How much time and money am I inevitably going to spend at the grocery store for this one meal? Will my family even eat it? Will I end up with nothing but cries, complaints, full plates and empty bellies, with a full sink of dishes by the end of the night?

No, I want to feel like a rockstar when I go to the store. I want to feel like whatever meal i have planned is not only going to kick butt, but my kids are going to eat it and I’m not going to kill myself trying to prepare it.

I have recipes here that after i’ve served them I want to immediately share them with other parents. You’re going to love them, you’re kids are going to love them. I’m going going to take the guessing out of every meal, the uncertainty even for the very beginning cooks. Because we all know that just because we’re suddenly married with kids, doesn’t make us executive chefs…though our families may expect it. We all need a little support now and again, no matter what level of comfort you cook with.

So here they are…Recipes you’re going to devour.

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