Keto…the ultra popular diet right now because of it’s quick weight loss results. I was a skeptic, let me tell you. Maybe because I am not a dieter, maybe because it seemed to me like a lose weight fast diet that couldn’t be maintained long term.But boy do I wish I would’ve attempted this diet sooner.

I am a mom of three, and three months postpartum. Before I tried the Keto diet I was the heaviest i’ve ever been. I felt mentally drained, physically tired, and irritated all the time. 

Then my cousin calls me up the other day reminding me of her wedding coming up in just four months. WHAT?? That was my motivation, the thought of trying on bridesmaids dresses in my current body shook me to my core. I am not saying that there is beauty at every size, because there is. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and heights. But I also believe each of us have our comfort zone in our individual bodies and i’d surpassed mine when I became pregnant with my third child. 

We woman have such incredible bodies. We should always feel confident inside them and no one should tell us what to look or feel about ourselves. After having my third child, who is now four months and the perfect completion to our family, I knew I was’t feeling my best. I, like i said, felt tired and stressed all the time. 

Today I can say that i’ve been on the Keto diet now officially four days. Though that may not seem like a long time…it is, seriously. I had trouble the first two days just breaking the habit of eating off my kids plate, tasting their food first, or even drinking their juices. I feel like since I began Keto, I am so much more food conscious and that is half the battle. 

I’ve lost a total of six pounds in four days! The extra motivation I need to keep me going. 

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